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A senior couple holding a small, wooden model of a house to represent senior moving

A Guide to Moving for Seniors

By Abe Lincoln Movers / November 21, 2023

For most people, aging brings a new set of challenges. New health problems may affect your ability to live independently, financial challenges make it tougher to maintain your lifestyle and adult children moving to faraway places may make you feel less connected to your home. Some people move every few years or even more frequently, while others…

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5 Heavy Objects You’ll Probably Need Professional Help With When Moving

By Abe Lincoln Movers / January 30, 2019

Moving is never an easy, stress-free experience, which is why we got into the business we did — to help people. One of the hardest parts about moving, though, is figuring out what objects or items you’ll need to move that call assistance from a professional moving team. Luckily, in today’s blog post, we’ll go…

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Everything You Should Know About Our Specialty Moving Services

By Abe Lincoln Movers / January 15, 2019

Not all professional moving companies offer specialty moving services quite like we do here at Abe Lincoln Movers and Storage. Our local Denver movers are always ready and willing to help you with whatever specialty items you may need help moving, ranging from pianos and safes to hot tubs and large furniture pieces. On top…

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Specialty Moving Tips – How To Move Heavy Furniture

By Abe Lincoln Movers / October 19, 2018

Moving heavy furniture isn’t necessarily as easy as it might sound, and not everybody should move the heavy items in their homes without professional assistance. If you believe you’re capable of safely accomplishing this and you’re looking for tips on how you should approach moving heavy furniture, you’ll find helpful information in this blog post.…

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The Importance Of Hiring Your Denver Piano Movers

By Abe Lincoln Movers / September 4, 2017

The task of packing and labeling all of your possessions can be a stressful time. Those that own a piano, however, will be at more of a disadvantage when it comes to worrying about their prized possession. The process of properly packing and moving your piano can prove to be a major hassle, and one…

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Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 4

By Abe Lincoln Movers / April 18, 2017

The process of picking up your life and relocating it to a new area can be both stressful and complex. From organizing and packing the essentials to transferring utilities, citizens in transit have plenty on their plates. As Colorado’s specialty moving professionals, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help you make moving as smooth of…

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Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 3

By Abe Lincoln Movers / April 4, 2017

While the prospect of moving can be exciting for some Coloradans, others see the process as more of a torture method. While not torture experts, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help you relocate your life in an expedient, courteous manner. We are proud to be Colorado’s specialty moving experts, and our dedication to customer…

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Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 2

By Abe Lincoln Movers / March 27, 2017

The process of relocating all of your belongings to an entirely new location can include a lot of planning and packing. From the dishes to the utility bills, everything needs to be taken care of in proper order to ensure that all tasks are done on time. Often times, special help will be needed for…

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Items That You Should Not Pack When Moving

By Abe Lincoln Movers / March 1, 2017

As one of Colorado’s top specialty moving companies, Abe Lincoln Movers has the experience and skills to help move any and all of your personal or business possessions. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, our local movers are ready to take on the job and get your life back on track as soon as possible.…

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Specialty Moving To Make Life Easy With Abe Lincoln Movers

By Abe Lincoln Movers / January 3, 2017

Sometimes life puts you in a position where moving your possessions is necessary but a standard moving company will not do the trick. From in-house possession transfers to hot tub relocations, Abe Lincoln Movers does it all! We strive to be one of the best moving companies in Northern Colorado with our dedication service excellence…

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