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Abe Lincoln Movers is a trusted full-service Denver moving company that services the entire state of Colorado and the Denver area.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Front Range, for more than 20 years, we’ve provided high-quality, efficient moving services that include residential, commercial, and specialty moves, and we truly believe we’ve changed the way people see moving companies positively.

We provide quick, free quotes for all of our customers so you know exactly what to expect when you choose our Denver moving company.

Our Colorado Moving Services

When the time comes to pack up your belongings and move to a new space, the process is oftentimes difficult, stressful, and overwhelming. Don’t stress, we have you covered. Whether you’re moving into the apartment next door or you’re moving into a home in an entirely new town or city, our team of professional movers can make the transition a smooth one. With residential and commercial moving services, we can do it all. From the beginning to the end of the job, we can answer any question and handle any concerns you have.

We know the best strategies for packing up your possessions, moving them, and unpacking them when you arrive at your new destination. No matter how many items you have, their size, or how far away you’re moving, our movers can help you find the best moving solution for your situation.

Learn more about the three major moving services we provide to individuals, families, and business owners in Colorado:


Residential Moving

All of our employees are trained to provide top-notch residential moving services, and you can count on us to pack up the furniture and other items in your home in a quick, careful, and efficient manner. Move into a new home or apartment with ease. Trust us to get your stuff moved in safely and right on time. No more heavy lifting or costly damages. Get the job done with the best in Colorado at Abe Lincoln Movers!


Commercial Moving

When you choose our team to tackle your commercial move, you can spend less time worrying about moving and more time worrying about your business. We can load up your technology, furniture, and business equipment, transport these items, then unpack them when we arrive at your new workspace. Don’t spend any more time or money than you need to. We can get your office, shop, or store set up fast so you and your coworkers can keep on track and start working again as soon as possible.

Specialty Moving

Sometimes you need to move something a little more complicated than just a few boxes. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. If your move requires extra tools or consideration, we can help. Our specialty moving services include the following:


In-House Moving Services

Sometimes it can be hard to move larger objects just from room to room in your home. You don’t want to scratch or tear up your floors struggling to move a heavy object or furniture. Our team will come to your home and move things where they need to be safely and efficiently.


Retirement Community Moving

We want our seniors in Colorado to live comfortably with all their belongings. If you need residents in a retirement community moved or multiple residents moved, contact us for help. We will move all furniture, personal belongings, and medical supplies with ease.


Piano and Heavy Object Moving

Moving exceptionally heavy objects like pianos can require special methods and equipment. If you need a piano moved or other heavy objects, don’t strain yourself trying to haul it. Call a trained professional at Abe Lincoln Movers to get them where they need to be without a hassle.

Your Reliable Colorado Moving Company

At Abe Lincoln Movers, our goal is to make your move easy and efficient, which is why you can trust our dependable, honest, and hardworking team to handle your next residential or commercial move. Our moving company is fully and properly insured, and we promise to always treat your belongings with the care and respect they deserve.

If you’re still unsure if you can trust us with your most valuable possessions, you can check out some testimonials from our previous customers. We know we offer some of the best moving services in Colorado, and we’d be proud if you chose us as your next moving company.

Choose Abe Lincoln Movers As Your Denver Moving Company

Let us show you why residents in Colorado consistently choose Abe Lincoln Movers as their go-to, reliable moving company time and time again. We’re a moving team you can trust to get your belongings from Point A to Point B quickly, safely, and securely. Ask about or browse our services to see what we can do for you.

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