Specialty Moving Tips – How To Move Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture isn’t necessarily as easy as it might sound, and not everybody should move the heavy items in their homes without professional assistance. If you believe you’re capable of safely accomplishing this and you’re looking for tips on how you should approach moving heavy furniture, you’ll find helpful information in this blog post.

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Continue reading below for some specialty moving tips on how to move heavy furniture.

Collect All Necessary Moving Equipment And Packing Supplies

Before you even start to think about moving your heavy furniture, ensure you have all the necessary moving equipment and packing supplies to move that furniture ahead of time to save you time, energy and stress. You’ll likely need a dolly and straps, sliders, packing tape, packing paper and boxes to efficiently move the heavier items in your home.

If you don’t want to rent or buy these items, we suggest hiring a team of professional specialty movers that will already have this moving equipment at hand.

Empty Out Your Furniture Before Moving

Instead of trying to move a dresser with all of your belongings still in it, we recommend emptying out those belongings and putting them into a separate box. This will not only make the dresser significantly lighter, and therefore, easier to lift, but it will also ensure nothing accidentally falls or breaks. You don’t want any of the items in your furniture to move around while you’re lifting them, as that can shift the weight and possibly cause you to drop the piece of furniture.

Take the extra few minutes to remove these items and you’ll be thankful you did.  

Implement Proper Techniques

Save energy and effort by sliding your heavy furniture items rather than consistently lifting them up and down. When the situation occurs that you do need to lift any heavy items, spare your back and focus on using your arms, legs and shoulders to do the lifting. You don’t want to be aching and sore the following day after your move, or even worse, hurt yourself during the process.

Don’t Try To Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

We truly and genuinely care about your safety, and that can be compromised when you try to lift and move heavy furniture solo. Whether you get the help of professional movers or you convince your close friends to help with your move, we always recommend having the help of at least two other people when moving heavy items. This ensures an overall safer move, and on top of that, it will also speed up the moving process.

Get The Help Of A Specialty Moving Company

At Abe Lincoln Movers, our team of professional movers specializes in specialty moving services, including in-house moving services, retirement community moving services, piano and heavy object moving services and more!

With more than 10 years of experience under our belts in the industry, we know how to efficiently and effectively move your heavy items to ensure an overall successful moving experience. When you choose Abe Lincoln Movers, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands. On top of that, you won’t have to bear any physical hard labor when you choose to hire our moving crews.

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