Specialty Moving To Make Life Easy With Abe Lincoln Movers

Sometimes life puts you in a position where moving your possessions is necessary but a standard moving company will not do the trick. From in-house possession transfers to hot tub relocations, Abe Lincoln Movers does it all! We strive to be one of the best moving companies in Northern Colorado with our dedication service excellence and optimal moving services. We want people to consider us as Colorado’s specialty moving services experts. What might be included in this category, you may ask yourself. Today, we’ll look at a few parts of our specialty moving services and how our professional crew can help to mobilize your life!


Moving Within Your Own Home

For any assortment of reasons, you may need to move all of your possessions for a temporary amount of time. This can include renovations, remodeling, or carpet installs. As your professional movers, we can relocate entire rooms to a space that is not in use. Every item will be accounted for and moved in a way that minimizes the risk of damages. Once your project (or disaster) is taken care of, our movers will put all items back just as they found them. While this moving service is not as affordable as doing it yourself, the physical and mental costs may make hiring us a worthwhile option!

Senior Moving Assistance

When it comes to moving, many of our senior citizens require special help. Our local movers will provide caring, attentive services to make our elderly residents feel more comfortable. One unique challenge we face for seniors is their possession of fragile, meaningful items. Over the years, keeping special items can provide plenty of material for being sentimental. This can include any variety of antiques, family heirlooms, and other items that require special attention for the moving process. Beyond the physical worth, many seniors place a high value on their special items that hold fond memories. Abe Lincoln Movers strives to provide safer, more cautious services over other moving companies in the area. Looking for storage solutions for the extra items? We can help with that, too!

Heavy Object Hefting

Every home holds a number of possessions that causes homeowners to shake their heads and dread the day when moving those monstrosities is required. You may have a loyal group of friends that are abundantly helpful until it’s time to put on the back brace and start lifting. Abe Lincoln Movers specializes in moving the heaviest items out there. While many people love their classical piano, the idea of transporting it does not sound quite so pleasant. Own a heavy safe that has sat unmoved in your basement for years? What about that hot tub that you were finally able to convince your spouse of its worth? We do it all! Worried about the cost of such grand relocations? Simply fill out our free quote today to see how affordable moving your heaviest possessions can be!

While moving can be a stressful experience for many citizens, the requirements involved with special items is often enough to derail the best laid plans. As your Colorado specialty moving experts, Abe Lincoln can work to save time and stress. If you’re looking for the best local moving company, you’ve come to the right place! Our movers are experienced in all types of situations and can safely relocate your valuables to the next destination in life. Contact us today to learn more!