14 Residential Moving Tips

When it comes time to move your life into a new house, things can go from serene to panic pretty quickly. As your local moving company, Abe Lincoln Movers works to provide the best residential moving services for our loyal customer base.

We provide assistance with Colorado residential moving for Denver residents and beyond! With an ultimate goal of customer service excellence, we strive to provide the best experience for clients on a daily basis.

Unlike other local moving companies, we take the time to help you pack belongings carefully and professionally. For those that like to take on the packing tasks themselves, though, will be in for a full schedule of work and triple-checking.

Today, we’ll look at a few residential moving tips and tricks that you can utilize when undertaking your Colorado packing tasks. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few new moves that can make life much easier!

Here are the top 14 tips for your residential move:

1. Make a moving folder

Collect all the information you need, including new addresses, purchase or rental papers, contracts for moving, etc., in one place. Consider a physical copy rather than digital, just in case your phone or computer batteries fail during the move. You’ll be prepared to answer any questions that may arise during the planning or move process (and have records of payments, agreements, etc.)

2. Designate A Most Valuable Box

One of the most convenient residential moving tips that residents can do to make life easier is to designate an MVB solely for the items that will be needed ASAP. Nothing is worse than moving into your new place, only to find that the immediately required necessities are scattered and hidden.

Be sure to label and set aside your landing box, which should hold needed items such as phone chargers, toilet paper, toothbrushes, hand soap, eating utensils, and so on. Doing this will make your initial setup much smoother!

pack early

3. Pack as early as possible

This may just be the most common moving mistake there is. You should know weeks or months in advance about your move, even if you aren’t sure where you will be going. Pack off-season clothes and items that you will not miss first. You can prepare your winter coats and books in advance if you are moving during the summer. Many items will be packed and ready to go when it comes time to move. This will reduce the stress of moving.

4. Book Early

Book early if you are hiring professional movers, renting supplies or professionals to work in your home, such as painters and cleaners. If you wait, it could cost more or prevent you from getting a truck and movers, especially if peak moving season is approaching.

5. Label Everything

Even the most confident home movers can quickly become overwhelmed when faced with the vast number of boxes scattered everywhere. Using your memory for which box goes where can be a future headache waiting to happen.

We recommend labeling every box that is filled, inscribing the contents and room destination on the label. Bonus tip: slap the labels on the sides so that a fully stacked wall of boxes can still be organized and dealt with appropriately.

6. Organize The Nuts And Bolts

No, there’s no metaphor here. The process of breaking down all of your furniture and hardware can equate to an abundance of misplaced screws and other miscellaneous hardware.

Organizing these small pieces into a baggie can do much to alleviate the panic of not being able to wall-mount your tv at the new place. For best results, attach the bags to the items they belong to ensure that nothing is lost during your migration.

packing supplies

7. Don’t Skimp On Supplies

Moving can be expensive and you’ll want to keep your expenses low, but your moving supplies aren’t the place to cut costs. Cheap boxes or cheap tape can be more hassle than they are worth when your boxes are popping open and spilling your stuff on the ground.

8. Pack Craftily

Putting your life into an array of cardboard boxes can lead to serious anxiety. One way to be doubly efficient is to use soft goods, such as shirts and jackets, to pack fragile items like glass bowls and cups. This way, you’re getting peace of mind with the breakable items while also moving that abundance of cold weather clothing that all Coloradans own.

9. Decluttering 101

One major bonus to your life during the moving of all of your possessions is the option of reducing your inventory. Giving away or donating unwanted items can be beneficial for a plethora of reasons. Beyond making the moving and unpacking process easier, decluttering can also be handy for giving you a fresh start.

Every American knows that from the moment they move into a place, the stuff begins to pile up. The longer you inhabit a residence, the more likely it is that you are in possession of too much junk. If an item is rarely used, chances are that it is just taking up space in your life. Take this opportunity to oust the unimportant items; you’ll thank us later!

10. Go Vertical

A major stressor during the rehoming endeavor is the concern over breaking glass items such as plates. Everyone’s initial thought is to simply stack plates in a box and utilize extra caution. This moving company recommends otherwise! Storing your plates and glass flatware in the upright position can help to reduce the weight load on the bottom pieces, reducing the chances of something smashing apart.

11. Use Everything

Got a collection of suitcases and laundry baskets? Put them to work! Filling your carriable items with loose items, such as clothes and untethered electrical cords, can be a win-win for simplifying your life. These devices are great for transporting linens and soft goods. Taking this route can maximize your space efficiency while also being quite productive.

12. Use Plastic Wrap

Possessing and utilizing a plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap™ can be life-saving in the midst of a full-blown moving operation. This sticky wrapping tool is very handy when it comes to securing loose shelves and drawers.

Everyone has a bad experience with a dresser drawer sliding out in the middle of transport, knocking the movers off balance and spewing your private belongings everywhere. It’s also handy to secure unsecured possessions, such as cutlery and jewelry. This way, everything shows up in the correct space, as opposed to being lost during the journey.

13. Schedule the utilities for your new home

When most people think about residential moving tips, they tend to only focus on the move itself. This like utilities can get forgotten. Contact your utility companies to schedule services at your new residence once the dates have been finalized. It’s not a good idea to arrive at your new home, exhausted from moving, and find out that the heat, electricity or water isn’t working. Keep a record of all your requests and schedules in your moving folder. Request service stops at the current residence for your move out date.

14. Hire professional movers

Of course the number one tip to make your next move less stressful is to let the experts do it for you! We have years of experience helping Colorado residents moving to their new homes. We can assist with packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking.

Moving all of your possessions across town can be a very stressful, fatiguing adventure. We recommend that people pack smarter, not harder. Utilizing smart moving residential moving tips and tricks can do much to alleviate the chaos that surrounds moving day.

If you’re in need of a moving company, we can help! Abe Lincoln Movers performs comprehensive Colorado residential moving services to Denver and beyond. Get a free moving quote today to see just how affordable our expert services can be!