How to Pack Breakable Items for a Residential Move

Boulder residential movingOne of the biggest concerns many people have when they are packing for a big move is whether or not their breakable items are going to make it through the move safely. Maybe it’s a set of china you love, a teacup collection from your grandmother, or a gorgeous vase you purchase on a long-ago vacation. Whatever your precious items might be, our Boulder residential moving team has tips to help you properly pack those items so they arrive in perfect condition to their next destination.

Tips for Your Breakable Items

Buy quality packing materials.

Packing materials aren’t the items you want to save money on when it comes to your breakables. Don’t purchase cheap boxes, bad tape, or use newspaper to wrap your items. These can cause more damage than they are worth. Buy boxes made for moving delicate and fragile items, invest in high-quality packing tape, and purchase bubble wrap and plain newsprint to wrap your items.

Create a buffer zone around items.

Line your boxes with empty egg cartons, bubble wrap, or even ziplock baggies filled with air to create a “buffer zone” around the fragile items inside. Then if the box is dropped or something runs into it, the packing material will absorb the blow and protect the items inside. Don’t leave any empty space in the box, either; if you end up with extra room, fill it up with additional packing material or even old socks and t-shirts.

Label boxes clearly.

Make sure that you pack your fragile items together and clearly label the boxes that need a little extra care. A good residential moving team, such as Abe Lincoln Movers, will make sure those boxes go into a safe space on the moving truck so they arrive at their next destination safely. Label the boxes with either brightly colored tape or a highly visible marker and write fragile on at least two sides of the boxes.

We’ll Take Care of Your Fragile Items

Our Bouler residential moving team can help move those delicate items safely! If you are preparing for a big move in the Colorado area, get in touch with Abe Lincoln Movers for our residential moving services. We’ll give you a great price on moving all of your belongings and take great care of your fragile and delicate items. Call us or contact us through our website for your free quote today.