Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 3

While the prospect of moving can be exciting for some Coloradans, others see the process as more of a torture method. While not torture experts, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help you relocate your life in an expedient, courteous manner. We are proud to be Colorado’s specialty moving experts, and our dedication to customer service excellence shows in our moving services. Our last blog looked at some key actions to take once you are a month away from moving day. Today’s installment will look at a few more actions that you checklist should hold in order to produce a positive moving experience.

Two Weeks Remaining

As the time draws near, you’ll undoubtedly be picking up steam in the moving process. At this stage, it would be best to reduce your inventory. Holding a garage sale or donating all of the products that you do not need can save many headaches in the future. Hazardous products that cannot be moved should be disposed of or gifted properly to keep everyone safe. One key task that many people forget is the process of keeping your meds in full stock. The next two weeks will be very hectic, so make sure to stock up on all medications, supplements, and medical supplies that you will absolutely need. Also be sure to firm up all of your moving plans, from talking with the moving company to how your pet will be making the journey across town. Keep packing your items that will not be needed for two weeks, such as out of season clothes, photo albums, and so on.

One Week Left

Seven days may remain, but many residents think of the time needed as closer to a month in most cases. You should set aside time to make up an “essentials” box or bag. This is very important for holding all of the items you’ll need overnight, from your contact case to phone charger. While the move should be neat and orderly, it’s still the best practice to keep track of your most important box to ensure that nothing goes awry. If you are moving the fridge, this last week will be useful for allowing you to slowly clear out perishable food items. Preparation work should also be done to get everything ready to move. Make sure that your gas-fed machines are drained of gas and packed in a way that leaks will not be a concern. This includes any major appliances that are making the trip. Also, make sure to keep packing! As the day draw closer, your boxes should be filling up with items that are not as time-sensitive. Hiring on professional movers can help for much of this process, so it is advisable to contact a local moving company for assistance.

Abe Lincoln Movers’ local Denver movers are here to safely transport all of your valuables to your new home in a reliable, respectful fashion. While our trained staff is knowledgeable in many aspects of moving, we simply cannot help with every step. In our next blog, we’ll look at the last few days leading up to your move. If you’re in need of one of the best moving companies, feel free to contact us today for a free quote and to reserve your spot!