Going Back To College? Follow Our Moving Company’s Tips Part 2

As the summer season starts to cool down across Colorado, students everywhere are planning on making the move back to campus. College is an exciting time for many young scholars, but the adult stresses can prove to be a lot to handle. If you or your child are planning on making the move soon and need assistance, our local movers are here and always happy to help. Abe Lincoln Movers is proud to be your trusted source for residential moving in Denver and along the Front Range. We’re trained, insured, and experienced in helping students in Golden, Denver, Fort Collins, and beyond.

While we’re here to be your Top Rated Local® moving company for a range of needs, our professionals can only help once you pick up the phone. Before then, though, you may benefit from our moving tips for mobile college students. Learn about more of these tips below before calling us today for your quote!

Step 6 – Pack Now, Shop Later

The excitement of moving into your own place can be a lot to handle, but try not to translate this enthusiasm into spending. Many students get caught up in the preparation phases, stocking up on items that will be needed in the dorms or off-campus housing. Unfortunately, investing in the products proactively will likely only slow you down. Some students will find that they purchased items they will never need while others regret simply packing that added weight. While you will want to get your abode set up right away, we recommend talking with the roommates and taking stock of what is needed before hitting the store.

Step 7 – Utilize Help

Even if you have managed to pack the bare necessities for the semester, moving into a dorm room can prove to be a major hassle. Long distances from the parking lot to the building, flights of stairs, and throngs of other moving parties can all combine to make this experience hectic for you, so be sure to enlist the services of friends and loved ones. Getting just two people to help you will make a major difference by the end of the day. Large, awkward, or otherwise heavy objects can all be handled effectively with extra hands on deck. Abe Lincoln Movers has seen it all in our day, and we know that calling in favors to friends on moving day can best be done with food and beverages.

Supplying your laborers with pizza may be just the motivation needed to get the job done quickly. If you have found yourself insufficient on help, our home movers are available for help!

Step 8 – Pack in Bulk

Instead of making 10 or 15 trips to the truck to grab your possessions, we recommend condensing everything into larger receptacles for added efficiency. While a fully packed box may be heavy, it may prove much better on the body over five additional trips. All of your loose possessions should be placed into boxes, bags, or any containers that help to contain the hundreds of small items we all move.

Step 9 – Plan First, Decorate Last

Once you have moved your brigade of boxes into the dorm room, now may feel like the perfect time to begin ripping through and putting your items away. Many students make the mistake of focusing on one area of their new residence, unpacking in a way that can inconvenience everyone involved. We suggest starting with your largest objects (furniture, microwaves, televisions, and so on) before working your way down to the aesthetics. Doing so will make the move much more spacious and simple, as you will not need to keep moving things to make it all fight correctly.

Hire a Moving Company

Ultimately, one of the best ways to ensure the best success for your move-in day is to reach out to one of your local moving companies for assistance. Abe Lincoln Movers is here to provide full-service support for customers of all needs, from commercial moving to student migrations and beyond. We are proud to be your trusted residential movers in Denver, serving the Front Range for years with quality outcomes. Nobody else cares as much as we do, so be sure to contact us today to schedule your move!