Winter Moving Tips From Your Colorado Moving Company

As the holiday season begins to come into full swing, many Coloradans are looking forward to eating turkey and watching professional football. For some people, though, this time of year might be the best opportunity to switch residences and move into a different dwelling. It’s important to do everything that you can to ensure a successful outcome, as our state’s weather is known to change in the blink of an eye. One way to optimize your moving experience is to hire a professional moving company that holds a sterling record for safe transportation and customer satisfaction. Abe Lincoln Movers is here to to be your source for the best residential moving in Denver and Northern Colorado, delivering reliable results every single time with hardworking, courteous professionals.

Even with a trusted local moving company, moving all of your possessions during the winter can be challenging and, in some cases, even dangerous. Today, we’ll begin to look at a few winter moving tips to help those who are packing to make the best out of the task ahead.

Call Ahead

While moving in the winter season can be inconvenient, the overall slowing of business during this time means that Colorado moving companies will have more open time to accommodate your schedule. With the varying weather and busy holiday seasons, it’s important to call ahead to ensure that your schedule is being upheld.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

We cannot stress enough the importance of checking ahead when utilizing home movers in Colorado. While this process is not as dependent on the weather as events such as weddings, inclement conditions could prove to be a major source of frustration come moving day. Be sure to check ahead, and if winter conditions are on the way, reach out to your professional movers to check on their intentions. Moving day is important, but not as much as your safety!

Find Pet Accommodations

Moving with a furry companion can be challenging, especially when inclement weather and messy conditions are involved. Finding accommodations for your pet, whether it’s a friend’s apartment or a doggie day spa, will help to make everything much easier. Forgetting to take care of your pets will create a major roadblock on moving day, so be sure to get this done ahead of schedule to avoid any headaches!

Clear a Path

Even if you manage to avoid blizzard conditions, the risk still remains for slips and falls from the ice surrounding your abode. Before the moving truck arrives, be sure to check your sidewalks and driveway for icy conditions. Shoveling and deicing beforehand will help your residential movers to get the job done safely and effectively. Remember, if nearby, to perform the same process for your new place. All of your efforts will all be for naught if the destination isn’t accessible!

Protect the Floors

Moisture is generally a good thing in the Mile High City, yet wintertime precipitation can be the source for making big messes in your home. It can be entirely beneficial to place tarps, plastic sheeting, or any other device on your floor to help prevent excess moisture from invading your place. Carpet can benefit from the use of cardboard in main walkways where a lot of traffic is expected. In any case, it’s always recommended to prepare your home before the residential movers arrive.

Suit Up Properly

While this advice may sound like it’s coming from your mother instead of your Top Rated Local® movers, it’s important to dress properly for the tasks ahead. Many people underestimate the Colorado weather, especially residents who are new to the state. Additionally, more individuals will simply underestimate the weather, thinking that their exposure time to the elements will be minimal. Others claim that the movement and exercise associated with moving heavy objects is enough to retain heat. Failing to suit up with the proper winter gear can impact your enjoyment of the day, with productivity taking a hit when fingers and toes become too cold.

Prepare the New Home

One essential task that must be done to ensure a smooth moving day is to check and make sure that your heat and lights are active in the new home. Otherwise, everyone involved will be stuck with freezing temperatures and dark spaces. When the weather is particularly frosty, we suggest heading to the new place a day or two early to test out the HVAC equipment. Once you’ve confirmed that your furnace works, it can be helpful to leave the heat on while you’re gone, even if it’s set to a lower level. Checking your utilities in advance is always important, but it can be even more essential in the winter months.

Abe Lincoln Movers is proud to be your source for quality moving services across Colorado. Our commercial and residential moving in Denver and beyond focuses on delivering precise, courteous results that ensure that all of your property arrives in the exact condition it was initially.

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