The Secrets for a Successful Commercial Moving Experience

Denver commercial movingMoving an office is a lot of work! It’s not like moving a household where everything belongs to a couple people. In commercial moving, you need to keep the belongings of dozens of people and teams organized along with important financial records, expensive assets, and other vital business equipment. Our Denver commercial moving company has helped numerous companies move their offices with minimal hassle. Here are some of our tips for making your commercial move a little easier!

Use These Tips for Your Commercial Move

Make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for moving.

Make sure that it is clearly communicated with your team about what they’ll need to be moving. Employees should know, for instance, that they need to move their personal items while the moving company will move their electronics. Supervisors should know they are responsible for organizing the move of their department’s paperwork. Whatever the plan is, make sure everyone knows what it is.

Label both items to be moved and items not to be moved.

Labeling is vital when it comes to moving, but labeling the items you aren’t moving is just important as labeling the items that you are moving. Maybe the copier needs to stay because it belongs to the building owner or you’ve chosen not to take it. Whatever you aren’t moving for whatever reason, label it clearly to avoid being charged for it or wasting time during the moving day.

Use the opportunity for a clear out.

Don’t move anything you don’t have to; you’ll end up paying more and the move will take more time away from your business. Take some time before the move to clear out old paperwork you don’t need anymore, broken office equipment that needs to be replaced, or anything else you don’t want to take with you to the new location. This is the perfect time for employees to do some clean up, too!

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