The Complete Checklist To Make Moving With A Pet Easier

Colorado’s high housing demand has created an influx of residents that are looking to either move into the state or relocate within it. Changing homes can involve a lot of work to ensure that everything is done efficiently and effectively. One major factor to consider in the moving process is the health and safety of your pets. As Colorado’s residential moving experts, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help! We provide honest, dependable moving services to get you to your destination and on with your life. Today, we’ll take the time to discuss a few considerations that may help you and your furry friends during both of your habitat relocations. For everything else, contact your local moving company for help!

Research Before Moving

One task that many movers do not remember to complete is the process of checking with their new community ordinances concerning pets. Whether through a city, neighborhood, HOA, or other municipality, certain breed or weight restrictions may be in place that can create a very frustrating time for you and your furry companion. The city of Denver, for example, holds a ban on pit bulls, which expands to include breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier. If you are unsure about your animal’s safety, make sure to talk to reputable sources for assistance!

Update Owner Information

Your pet’s tags and microchip ID should hold a form of identification, often including your address. When moving to a new area, it’s crucial to update your contact information, as this is will be the only form of contact if your pet companion were to become lost. While technology has helped to make this task less vital, it’s still a good practice to be safer rather than sorry.

Moving Arrangements

Once the professional movers arrive, your home will become a chaotic scene of loud noises and stress for any pets involved. Abe Lincoln Movers holds lots of experience in this area, and our suggestion is to take your pet to a friend or family member during the move. Doing this will help to keep your pet happy and healthy while avoiding unnecessary turmoil.

Creating Comfort

No matter how proficient you are at keeping your four-legged friend content during the moving process, chances are that they will undergo a lot of stress in this strange new environment. One way to make your new abode more comfortable is to have all of your pet’s toys, bedding, and water bowl ready before they enter the home. This way, your animal will be surrounded with their regular comforts, making the adjustment period a smoother transition.

Stay Up-To-Date On Care

Make sure your pet is up to date on all of its vaccinations. This is important not only for their health but also for your peace of mind. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your pet getting sick.

Get Your Pet Microchipped

If you’re moving to a new area, there’s always a chance your pet could get lost. A microchip is a small, implanted device that contains your contact information. If your pet is ever lost, a veterinarian or animal shelter can scan the microchip and return your pet to you.

Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Essentials

Make sure you pack food, water, toys, bedding, and any other essentials your pet will need during the move. It’s also a good idea to pack a week’s worth of food and water in case of delays.

Don’t Forget About Travel Restrictions

If you’re moving out of state, be sure to research travel restrictions for your pet. Some states have strict rules about bringing pets into the state, so it’s important to be prepared.

Extra Love

No matter what you do, the stress of moving will certainly take its toll on your domesticated companion. Make sure you are handing out lots of treats and attention during this tough time to keep your pet as happy as possible. Not only will they feel better, but you will worry less as well!

When it comes time to move, make sure your pets are taken care of properly to keep everyone involved happy. Once this is done, make sure you hire one of the best moving companies in Colorado. Our residential moving specialists serve Fort Collins to Castle Rock and everywhere in between. If you need home movers for your upcoming transition, make sure to contact us today for a free quote!