How to Make a Home Inventory List

We’ve all moved at least once, and can agree on one thing: it is chaotic. As if by magic, things could vanish from the old home to the new house. Making an inventory is the best way to keep track of your belongings. It can be tedious to make a list, and it will require more work. However, in the end you’ll feel more secure knowing that all of your belongings are at their correct addresses. Continue reading to learn how to create a moving home inventory list.

Why should I create a home inventory?

You can use an inventory list as evidence if you’re wondering why you should make one. Many unexpected events or natural disasters may occur along the way. An inventory list will prove your possessions, and may help you get insurance if something happens during or after your move.

How do you make an inventory list?

It is best to start with a plan. Most people label their items in a creative way, but it is easier to go from the top of the house (attic) down to the basement (basement), room by room. Before moving on to the next room, double-check that you have recorded all of your valuables.

Record or take photos of items-highly recommended

Before you begin packing, make an inventory list. Take notes on valuables and include details such as serial number, model number, room in which the item was previously packed, box number and the date. Also, take photos of each item before and after you pack it.

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How to make an inventory list

It is important to organize your items before packing, but it is also crucial that you pack them in the correct box. You will have to decide on the easiest way to create your inventory list. This can be done with construction paper, stickers in different colors or even a sticker that matches a sticker you placed on your box. Each inventory list should include the following details:

  • Item name (and, if needed, a description of the item)
  • Item number (also known as SKU or serial number).
  • Cost (approximate value of item/receipt)
  • Quantity (How many items you have total)

Home inventory apps are useful

There are also more modern apps that you can use to track your way home inventory. You can use these apps:

  • Excel is one of the easiest ways to create an inventory list. Excel allows you to create a spreadsheet that includes a column and a description for the item.
  • Sortly allows you to keep track of every item at home in a high level of detail. This app allows you to create folders and subfolders for easier organization. Sortly also allows you to add purchase dates, expiration dates, SKU numbers, etc. Basic form is free. However, if you want a more sophisticated version, there will be a monthly charge.
  • My Stuff is one of the best apps to organize collections. It takes years of searching and patience to find all the pieces to complete a puzzle. But, if we are not paying attention for a minute, it is easy to lose possessions. My Stuff is the perfect app for keeping all your collections in order. This app will help you keep track of all your items, whether they have sentimental or high-value value. It may also prevent you from buying duplicates. You can also scan the barcode, enter manually, and share data with other users.

When moving is over

It is important to inspect your belongings when your shipment arrives. Check for any damages or discrepancies. This will be easier if you have an inventory list, as you’ll know exactly where to look for high-value items.

How can a list of household items help if they disappear?

You are not just making a list to help you move. The inventory list is much more than a simple list of your possessions. It can be used as proof of insurance if needed.

When would it be beneficial to keep a list in a secure place?

When you file your insurance claim, make sure to include a list of the items in your home.

Moving companies will pay for damage if you record all of your items and provide serial numbers. Accidents can occur at any time during the transportation of your valuables. To avoid any surprises, ask about the insurance coverage.

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List of home inventory in case of theft

All insurance companies cover stolen items. Insurance policies will cover you regardless of whether someone steals from you or if you are on the street. Insurance companies will reimburse you for missing items if you have proof, such as a photo and receipt of the valuable item.

A home inventory list can help with insurance claims in the event of a natural disaster

Natural disasters are out of our control and can be devastating to your home or property. You can make an informed decision about insurance and protection by knowing which disasters are likely to cause damage to your home. An inventory list can make filing insurance claims much easier. You may lose your inventory list if you don’t duplicate it or use an app with cloud backup.

You can check your home inventory with movers

Compare your inventory list to the list provided by the Denver moving company. Check that everything is correct and noted. Interested in hiring professional movers? Call us today.