Commercial Moving Budget Considerations

Planning your moving services when it comes to relocating your business can be a complex process. There are many moving pieces that all need to fit together to ensure a seamless transition once the big day arrives. One way to optimize the outcome for your big move is to hire a top-rated local moving company for assistance. Abe Lincoln Movers, for example, is proud to be Colorado’s commercial moving specialists, delivering results that are as affordable as they are effective. Our professional movers have the experience and equipment necessary to offer amazing solutions to Denver and the Front Range, working for more than a decade to exceed our customers’ high expectations.

We’re here and ready to provide comprehensive moving services to ensure a secure and timely outcome for your business, minimizing disruptions and unforeseen setbacks. Today, we’ll look into the biggest determining factor in all business pursuits — the budget. When you’re done reading, be sure to contact our moving company for assistance or utilize our online tool to receive an instant quote for your big move.

Budget Organization

One of the most critical steps of staying within your budget is to actually create a moving budget. “Measure twice, cut once” is a phrase that is often quoted to highlight the value of proper planning, and our professional movers couldn’t agree more! “Measure once, pay once” is more akin to our industry, yet the lesson remains the same — organize your business relocation to avoid unexpected road bumps later.

Building Layouts

Property owners often plan ahead with their moving endeavors in order to save time and money. One part of the planning process that rarely gets considered, though, is the specific layout of your building. Across Northern Colorado, many businesses hold their own unique floor plans, which can end up helping or hampering your move. While moving out of your standalone single-level structure can be a smooth and efficient process, managing the transfer of large equipment from the fifth floor can be more involved. Our local movers are here and ready to help, providing useful insights that may make your commercial move much more enjoyable.

Inventory Considerations

In the weeks before moving day, it can pay to organize all of your assets and keep track of them to avoid any setbacks. Company-wide moves often result in property coming up missing, whether through simple misplacement or employee theft. It can prove beneficial to take a full inventory of your products now, minimizing the risk of losing items. Additionally, the total scope of what needs to be moved will prove very helpful in determining the total cargo load, helping our movers prepare in addition to giving you a clear idea as to the costs of the project.

Cost of Moving Services

One of the biggest influences on your business relocation is the cost of the moving company. It’s important to do plan a move far in advance to receive a timely quote and to ensure that your moving day is available on the mover’s busy schedule. A majority of the professional movers along the Front Range will be happy to supply you with a comprehensive quote for your commercial move. Be sure to call around to find quotes from three or more local moving companies to give yourself an accurate picture of what the final price tag will be. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage as well, especially if your company ownshigh-value equipment. Adding the higher quote to your budget will help you plan for the most costly venture, creating the opportunity to save money when all is said and done (and unpacked).

Additional Costs and Charges

Speciality moving services often come with additional charges, making it a very good idea to ask ahead if you are expecting any extra services. Moving during the holiday season, expedited assistance, and extra moving services such as packing, can all play a big role in determining the final price. Be mindful of this when calling for a quote on your business move.

Employee Costs

Regardless of how much work you delegate to your local moving company, hourly or salary employees will no-doubt spend some time planning and packing for the move. Many businesses rely on a large core of their workforce to help in this endeavor, utilizing their intricate knowledge of the workplace to effectively organize, pack, and clean before moving day arrives. Be sure to account for your employee’s wages during this move, figuring on the higher end to establish an accurate budget.

Moving your building to a new location can be a big task. Oftentimes, you will need professional help to ensure a safe and smooth transition. Next time, we’ll conclude this topic by discussing a few final budget considerations for your big relocation. Able Lincoln Movers is proud to be Colorado’s commercial movers, specializing in creating effective solutions for office buildings, medical offices, and more. Contact us today to learn more or to receive your fast and free quote!