Colorado’s Best Attractions

As Colorado residential movers with years of experience, we here at Abe Lincoln Movers are big fans of the state. If you are looking to relocate to Colorado, we are the people to call. Here, we thought we would list some of Colorado’s best attractions. Whether you’re a local resident, are relocating soon, or are just considering a visit, don’t miss out on these great Colorado attractions!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

No music buff’s trip to CO would be complete without a concert at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This venue is located inside a stone formation near Morrison, Colorado, about 15 miles outside the city of Denver. The rock formations allow for ideal acoustics nestled under the foothills of the Rockies. Owned and operated by the city of Denver, this venue showcases musical talents from all genres; check the schedule, a band you love is sure to be playing there soon!

Mesa Verde National Park

Having gained national park status by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, Mesa Verde (green table) in Southwest Colorado is a beautiful national park and World Heritage Site perfect for history and nature lovers alike. Inhabited by nomadic tribes since 7500 BC, you can still find Pueblo cliff dwellings preserved in the cliff-sides. When you visit the park, take a circle around Mesa Top Loop Road for some fantastic canyon overlooks and viewpoints.

Strawberry Parks Hot Springs

You haven’t known relaxation until you’ve soaked in the natural hot springs in Strawberry Parks Hot Springs. These are some of the best hot tubs that Mother Nature has got to offer! And they are all nestled in the beautiful forested foothills. If you are a biker, there are plenty of hiking trails and cycling paths in the park that will take you on a beautiful route that circles back to the hot tubs for a relaxing soak at the end of the day. You will love all of the unique rock formations that have been carved by the hot springs.

Great Sand Dunes

Located in Southern Colorado, the Great Sand Dunes aren’t your average Colorado park. When you visit this park, you will get to enjoy vast landscape vistas covered in shining white sand. Sit on the largest dune, Star Dune, to enjoy a view of the entire desert below you. And just because you are out of the Rockies doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Trails wind in and out of the desert, connecting forests and wetlands. For the fishing aficionados out there, make sure to check out Medano Lake, one of several alpine lakes in the area.

Comanche National Grasslands

Another national park in Southern Colorado is the National Grasslands. This preserve is split up into two sections that are operated by two different ranger districts. There is one in La Junta and one in Springfield. At this national park you can find drawings decorated on the natural rocks that date back as many as 8,000 years to Native American tribes in the area. The grasslands are a great change of pace to the classic mountain and beach destinations. Archaeology, history, and anthropology buffs all love the area for its rich historical remains. There are even dinosaur tracks up on Picketwire Canyon. Enjoy all the trails running through the park either by foot, bike, or horse.

Rocky Mountain National Park

We would probably have our state licenses revoked if we failed to mention Rocky Mountain National Park. You can’t beat the beautiful vistas scattered across the mountain peaks. For fans of flora and fauna, this is one of the best national parks in the country! Keep an eye out for black bears, elk, moose, wild turkeys, and much more! There is plenty of hiking and fishing to enjoy, just visit one of the five visitors centers in the park to find the perfect area! Even if you are the most active of visitors, you won’t be able to exhaust RMNP. Even if you do, there is both the Arapaho National Forest and Indian Peaks Wilderness right next door!

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Head out of Idaho Springs on CO highway 103 to get to the highest paved road in all of north America: Mount Evans Scenic Byway. Pass the pine tree treeline to get a view of amazing glacier carved valleys and sharp Rocky peaks that seem to go on forever. Be warned though, this trek is not for the faint of heart. The guardrails disappear with the tree line, so time your time around those sharp turns. There will be plenty of mountain goats and bighorn sheep to keep you company on the journey.

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River may get its namesake elsewhere, but its birth place is in the Rockies. The most popular river in the United States, the Arkansas River is a great destination for white water rafters. Make sure to check with rafting tours for half day, whole day, or multi day trips for new, intermediate, and advanced rafters alike!

If you want all these destinations and more right in your backyard, then consider relocating to the beautiful state of Colorado. When you do, hire the best Colorado residential movers around: Abe Lincoln Movers. We offer both commercial and residential moving services in Colorado. For more information about how we can help make your move quick and painless, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.