5 Tips To Make Your Commercial Move Less Stressful

When it comes down to it, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that no matter what, moving comes with some extent of stress. Fortunately, you can prepare and get yourself well-equipped for your move so that when moving day does finally arrive, your stress levels won’t be nearly as high. This is applicable to both residential moving and commercial moving in Denver; however, in today’s blog post, we’ll be going over five tips that will help make your commercial move less stressful.

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1. Inform everyone in your office of the date your move will take place.

Whether you only have two employees working for you or 200, it’s important that you inform all of your employees of your moving date at least a few months in advance. Send out steady reminders as your moving date gets closer to ensure you have no procrastinators or stragglers who will slow down the moving process.

Communication is key in nearly every situation and the earlier you can let your employees know when you’re moving, the more likely they’ll have enough time to start packing.

2. Start early and don’t procrastinate.

As we mentioned earlier, procrastination can get to the best of us. The earlier you start to pack up your office equipment and items, the easier and more efficient your actual moving day will be. Take this time to pack up any items that aren’t used daily and to alert any customers or clients about your new address — you won’t want to be worrying about this on moving day.

3. Stay organized and pack methodically.

Proper organization is key in not only packing up your office belongings but also unpacking them. Label your boxes in a way that will notify you of exactly what is in each box so you’re not in a position where you’re frantically looking for important documents after your move. Trust us — packing methodically and prioritizing organization will save you a load of headaches once you get into your new commercial building.

4. Donate any office equipment or items you won’t need in your new office.

Have old computer desktops or software nobody in your office uses anymore? Donate these items, or dispose of them in a proper manner to decrease the number of items that need to be moved. This will ultimately save you some time and space.

5. Hire a professional commercial moving company.

Ultimately, professional movers know what they’re doing and know how to efficiently and effectively move office equipment. A commercial moving company can also reduce the amount of time you spend moving, and they’ll usually help you both pack your items and unpack them. Dramatically decrease your stress levels by giving all your moving responsibilities to the pros.

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