4 Things You Must Do Before Moving Day

Moving homes can be stressful, as there is much to worry about before the big day. It may feel like there are a hundred different things to do with so little time. Being a moving company that services all of Colorado, Abe Lincoln Movers and Storage are here to help, as we have come up with four essential things you must do before moving day!

checking of a list

Make A List

One of the simplest things you can do to avoid any stress is to list what needs to be done. Avoid assuming that you will remember all tasks requiring completion because it is not likely you will, in the middle of such a hectic time. A good idea is to split the list among different rooms within your current home, as this breaks everything down in an organized and efficient way. 

packed boxes

Pack Efficiently 

Save money on your move by packing everything efficiently, as this will utilize less space within your local mover’s vehicle. Don’t just start stuffing anything into boxes; organize items by category and label your boxes accordingly, as this will save you time and effort once everything is in your new home. 

typing on a keyboard

Register To Change Your Address

You do not want your mail sent out to your old address, so updating this information to your new location is essential. It would be best to get this done a few weeks before the move, as companies may take a while to get your relocation into their system. 


Choose A Mover You Can Trust 

Moving homes is hectic enough, evermore, so if you choose to do it all yourself. We at Abe Lincoln Movers are your local mover, ready to assist you with all of your needs. We are honest, dependable, and hardworking and will make sure to transport your items efficiently and safely. 

If you are getting ready to relocate to a new home, make sure to follow these tips to make the experience go as smoothly as can be. If you need any help, make sure to contact us to schedule your move today!