The 4-Step Guide To Moving Organization

Moving can be both difficult and overwhelming, and knowing where to start can seem impossible. But the right organization guide can make the process significantly easier. At Abe Lincoln Movers, we can help you learn an easy 4-step guide to moving organization. With more than 20 years of experience, we have learned some of the most effective tips and tricks to keeping your move organized. Keep reading to learn more about our simple 4-step guide to moving organization!

A woman packing up boxes for a move

Sort Your Stuff

Though sorting through all your stuff can seem stressful, with the right organization you can make it seamless. By starting one room at a time, and staying focused on that room until it’s finished, you get both your sorting and packing done at the same time. Pick one room to start with and as you pack, go through the items and identify whether it’s something you would like to donate or pack, or if it’s a personal item. From there, Abe Lincoln Movers can help you properly pack and move so you can be sure all of your belongings get to your destination quickly, safely, and securely.

Color Code Your Boxes

As you go through packing each room, a key tip we’ve learned over the years is to color-code your boxes. Whether you use colored tape, markers, or even stickers, designating a color to a certain room will help you easily remember which box goes to what room. Then, keep a note on your phone or write it down somewhere safe, to easily remember. This coding system is an easy way to keep track of what boxes you need where, without any confusion. Simply share your notes with our trusted team of professionals, and both you and our movers will have a clear understanding of how to keep your belongings organized.

A bunch of boxes
Two people with a lot of packing boxes

Protect Personal Items

Protecting your personal items is extremely important in any move. Although Abe Lincoln Movers provides more than 20 years of experience and is one of Colorado’s most trusted moving companies, no one should risk compromising their personal belongings. Gather together your documents, records, jewelry, or safe items for secure keeping. Then, find a secure place to store your most personal items with you throughout your move. If you have larger personal items, we provide outstanding insurance coverage to protect your most cherished belongings.

Hire a Professional

Once you have everything organized and prepared for your upcoming move, it’s time to hire a professional! Abe Lincoln Movers provides you with a reliable and experienced team of movers you can trust to handle your next move. When you hire our local team of professionals, with an outstanding reputation in moving organization, you’re sure to have a seamless move. We take care of your items as if they were our own and help organize or arrange them as you need.

A couple in front of a moving van

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the state, hire a professional so you can avoid the stress and celebrate your new space! Contact our team and schedule your move today!