How to Save the Most Money on Your Move

The cost of moving can easily add up and quickly become an expensive cost. But Abe Lincoln Movers offers simple tips on how to save the most money on your move, so you can make it both efficient and cost-effective. Let our team of experienced movers show you why Colorado relies on us for relocation moving and more. Keep reading to find ways to save the most money on your upcoming move!

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Donate and Sell Your Extra Items

A great way to save money on your move is by going through your extra items to donate or sell. When you minimize your belongings, it saves you time, space, and money. This can save you big on your hourly moving costs when you hire trusted moving companies such as Abe Lincoln Movers. Additionally, you can end up making money from the items you sell and allocate those funds towards your moving costs. There are also donation companies that will schedule a free pick-up service, saving you time and money.

Schedule Your Utility Services

Having utilities, internet, and cable is a must during your move. However, these services all cost a monthly fee and can easily add up. By scheduling your services accordingly, you can avoid double paying for your utilities, internet, or cable. Do your best to align your end and start dates and call your providers to discuss a proration. You can also take advantage of new account specials offered by companies in your new area which give you waived fees or discounted rates.

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Utilize Your Own Packing Supplies

Packing supplies can turn into a pricey cost, and fast. Between boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and padding, this can add up quickly. But, if you think outside the box (literally), you can sometimes save yourself hundreds of dollars. Browse through your house, taking advantage of any packing materials possible such as suitcases, duffle bags, hampers, and baskets. You can also use t-shirts and towels to pad your delicate items. If you still end up needing moving boxes, local grocery stores have boxes with lids and handles from their produce section they will often donate.

Hire a Local Moving Company

You may wonder how hiring a local moving company can save you money. But, with a company as experienced and reputable as Abe Lincoln Movers, you will get quality and quick service that provides outstanding insurance. This ensures your possessions and items are moved with guaranteed care and stay in perfect condition. Most of the time, you pay for the name when it comes to national moving companies. However, with local companies, you are not only giving back to your community but receiving reasonable prices for these services.

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Save the most money on your move by following these simple steps that strive to bring you efficiency and savings. Make relocation moving easy and schedule your move today!