Complete Checklist For Moving Out of Your Rental

The time has come: Moving day. While you may feel that the ink on your lease still hasn’t dried, in many cases across Colorado, the high competition for rentals has led to the need for a residence change. Packing all of your possessions into a box and moving across Denver can be stressful enough, but for tenants who are about to exit a lease, the challenges can prove even more stressful. It’s important for you to take the proper steps to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition from your landlord’s property. Today, our local moving company will highlight a few tips to help your home moving process.

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Give Ample Notice

Many lease agreements across Colorado require at least 30 days of notice before tenants can leave their residence. Laws surrounding this process can prove to be complex, making it beneficial to give your intent to move well before the move-out date. We recommend letting your landlord know at least a week before the required notice specified on your lease just to be safe. Letters can be lost in the mail, and voicemails can fail to arrive in a timely manner!

Your notice should be clear on the dates of your move, as well as contact information should the need arise. No matter what the issue is, communication is always a top tool for finding a resolution. Finding new tenants may be an intensive process for your landlord, and working with him or her throughout the process will help to make everything easier.

Make Repairs When Possible

Before you set sail for your new abode, be sure to inspect the old premises to ensure that everything is in order. Rental agreements often dictate that tenants must leave the premises in the same condition they found it in. An agreement is signed upon entry that highlights the condition of the home, with an inspection to follow after you move out. Beyond normal wear and tear, it falls on you to take care of everything in the house. This can include inspecting:

  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Any home equipment

Tenants working with a management company may face steep fines if proper steps aren’t taken. A light bulb in the fridge, for example, may end up costing more than 20 dollars once a contractor has been scheduled to make the replacement. Be sure you are thorough in your inspection, making repairs when possible to create a clean environment and a good impression for your landlord.

Clear Everything Out

Being comprehensive in your moveout is an important factor in optimizing the success of moving day. Many Coloradans face the stress of getting everything packed and cleaned out in time, leaving many opportunities for things to get left behind. Pictures, calendars, floor mats, toiletries, lawn ornaments, and other accessories can all be left behind and create a nuisance for your landlord or future tenants. Those costly charges from changing your light bulbs will prove equally expensive if you are assessed cleanup fees.

Every corner of your home has the potential to hide items. Drawers, shelves, lofts, and crawl spaces should all be checked once more before you leave. Doing so will leave your rental unit empty, and give you peace of mind knowing that everything made the move.

Scrub Everything Down

The final step before leaving your old place is to give it a complete cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning your home may not seem like a top priority in the chaos of moving, but doing so will provide extra insurance in minimizing any costs assessed by your landlord. We all want to maximize the return on our security deposits, so why not invest the time to leave the place nice and tidy? Ultimately, leaving the property better than the way you found it can prove very helpful in reducing any road bumps.

Leaving your old lease on good terms is a smart way to build confidence in you as a tenant. One way to minimize the damage and dirt on your rental throughout the entire process is to invest in professional movers. Abe Lincoln Movers is here to offer the best residential moving to Denver homes and beyond. Contact us today to learn more or to reserve your moving services!