Lakewood’s Preferred Moving Services and Storage Rentals

Moving from the place that you call home comes with a wave of emotions. Sure, you’re excited to move somewhere new and take advantage of new opportunities, but we at Abe Lincoln Movers and Storage know uprooting your life and moving is no easy feat. That’s why for the last 10 years, we have been providing affordable and dependable moving services to the Lakewood area. Moving to a new home is much less stressful and daunting when you know you have a professional, punctual, and trustworthy moving company there to help you out every step of the way.

Keep In Mind, We Provide Storage Rental Services Too!

In addition to our residential and commercial moving services, we also provide storage services. Whether you’re needing to clear an area in your home for a renovation for a few days or you need a place to keep furniture and other items that you won’t need anytime soon, we have you covered. Our storage facilities are secure and safe to store all of your personal belongings, for however long you may need to keep them there!