Residential Moving Tips To Make Your Life Easier Part 2

Picking up all of your worldly possessions and relocating to a different area in Colorado can be a taxing affair. Because of the high amount of stress involved in moving, we would like to extend our offer as one of the best local moving companies in the state. Abe Lincoln Movers offers top-quality residential moving to Colorado residents across the state. Our professional movers will expertly handle your possessions in a safe, courteous manner. For those who like to pack all possessions themselves, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to make life simpler and happier. Last week, we looked at a few of these insider hints. Today, we’ll pile on more tips to make your moving experience more positive than the horror stories that we’ve all heard. As your go-to home movers, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible!

Decluttering 101

One major bonus to you life during the moving of all of your possessions is the option of reducing your inventory. Giving away or donating unwanted items can be beneficial for a plethora of reasons. Beyond making the moving and unpacking process easier, decluttering can also be handy for giving you a fresh start. Every American knows that from the moment they move into a place, the stuff begins to pile up. The longer you inhabitant a residence, the more likely it is that you are in possession of too much junk. If an item is rarely used, chances are that it is just taking up space in your life. Take this opportunity to oust the unimportant items; you’ll thank us later!

Go Vertical


A major stressor during the rehoming endeavor is the concern over breaking glass items such as plates. Everyone’s initial thought is to simply stack plates in a box and utilize extra caution. This moving company recommends otherwise! Storing your plates and glass flatware in the upright position can help to reduce the weight load on the bottom pieces, reducing the chances of something smashing apart.

Use Everything

Got a collection of suitcases and laundry baskets? Put them to work! Filling your carriable items with loose items, such as clothes and untethered electrical cords, can be a win-win for simplifying your life.These devices are great for transporting linens and soft goods. Taking this route can maximize your space efficiency while also being quite productive.

Use Plastic Wrap

Possessing and utilizing a plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap™ can be life-saving in the midst of a full-blown moving operation. This sticky wrapping tool is very handy when it comes to securing loose shelves and drawers. Everyone has a bad experience with a dresser drawer sliding out in the middle of transport, knocking the movers off balance and spewing your private belongings everywhere. It’s also handy to secure unsecured possessions, such as cutlery and jewelry. This way, everything shows up in the correct space, as opposed to being lost during the journey.

Being able to adapt and thrive is part of what sets humans apart from the rest of the mammals. Using these tips should help to make your move a less painful experience. If you need residential moving help for your Colorado home, we can help! Contact Abe Lincoln Movers to schedule your relocation appointment today.