Our Residential Movers List The Top Items To Toss Before Making The Move Part 1

Spring is in full swing, and soon, Colorado will welcome the summer season with longer days and warmer temperatures. If the increasing temperatures mean it is time for you to pack your things and move, you’ll have your hands full trying to plan, pack, and transport your life across town, the state, or the country. Our local moving company is dedicated to delivering comprehensive assistance to make your relocation as quick and seamless as possible. For years, Abe Lincoln Movers has worked to deliver the best commercial and residential moving services to Denver customers, providing peace of mind throughout the entire process. From packing your most valued possessions to delivering them intact in an efficient manner, our professional movers are ready to help.

Before you move, it’s important to consider a number of items that aren’t worth the effort of packing and transporting. While these products are needed, they often aren’t costly enough or compact enough to make it into the moving truck or backseat of your car. Today, we’ll look at a few areas where you can reduce before moving day comes.

Cheap Furniture

While that college desk has served you faithfully over the years, saving money on the material of certain furniture pieces can result in structurally unsound products that are likely to break or fall apart when moving. Particle board is useful for providing cost-effective beauty in the home, but when it comes to moving, this furniture may not be strong enough to support its own weight!

If you’ve recently considered any of your low-quality furniture, we recommend doing it before that stuff takes up valuable room on the truck. You can donate furniture of all types across Denver, or offer it up to your family or friends who are now in need of a storied college desk.

Food Products

One area that slips many people’s minds until moving day comes is clearing out the fridge of perishable foods. Food takes up plenty of space, many products are not stable enough to move in a clean and effective manner, and many items can go bad if not refrigerated in a timely manner. Ultimately, it isn’t worth packing up the eggs or butter. Costlier items, products that are sealed, and foods that come in stable containers can make the trip, but be stingy when making your choices.

Our moving services ensure that everything in your home is handled in a caring and courteous manner. One way for those overloaded with supplies to reduce their food stores can offer up extras to friends and family members in the week leading up to the move. Having your fridge clean and clear will allow you to focus on other projects.

Alcoholic Beverages

Like most American homes, yours likely has a bottle or two of alcohol for guests, special occasions, or late nights working on the computer. Unfortunately, the typical alcohol container is made of glass, making it more of a challenge pack and transport. We recommend minimizing your alcohol collection before moving, as these products are often replaceable and not worth the effort. Our professional movers aren’t recommending that you take this project on alone, or all at once! If you have friends coming to help you pack, you can try organizing a movie and wine as thanks. At the very least, you can gift a few of your lesser favorites.

Listless Linens

While this may sound like a strange time to bring up your towel closet, the truth is that many of us hold onto towels and sheets for too long. If your closet is overflowing with spare towels for guests or messes, remember that these cotton products are fluffy and bulky. Throwing out your outdated collection will make the move a little easier, and when you get settled into your new place, you can now find new and coordinated options to match the new decor.

When it comes time to pack everything you own into boxes, it’s important to remember that your Colorado home is full of bulky and inconvenient items that are often not worth the trouble. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting a few more areas where you can cut down. If you’re looking for honest and professional residential moving in Denver, our local movers are here and ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our company or to receive a quote for our moving services!