Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 4

The process of picking up your life and relocating it to a new area can be both stressful and complex. From organizing and packing the essentials to transferring utilities, citizens in transit have plenty on their plates. As Colorado’s specialty moving professionals, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help you make moving as smooth of a process as possible.

Our current blog series has centered around compiling a checklist and the basics of what that list should involve. Today, we’ll conclude the saga by discussing the final days leading up to your move and how our professional movers are ready to lend a hand. Our commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction are what helped us become one of Colorado’s best moving companies, from Fort Collins to Castle Rock and beyond. When you need dependable local movers, count on Abe Lincoln Movers to get the job done!

Days Left

Now that moving day is very close on the calendar, you are probably getting antsy about the entire process. Relax! Following an organized task list should help to ease the stress, and if you paid for moving services, our quality crew will be able to assist. If you hired a moving company, take a few moments to call and confirm their arrival time. Any special directions should be ready at this stage, including which boxes you want unloaded first and which ones hold very fragile possessions. The refrigerator should be shut down, emptied, defrosted, and cleaned before moving day arrives. Any additional items that have made their way to the donate pile should be packaged and ready to be dropped off or picked up by your local charity. All electronics should be unplugged 24 hours before the move as well to ensure that everything is at room temperature before moving. Everything should be wrapped up now, so it is wise to re-check all of your to-do’s, including:

  • Address changes for any relevant institutions, from banks and pharmacies to gyms and insurance companies. Don’t forget to reach out to the DMV and post office for a change of address as well!
  • All absolutely non-essential items are boxed and labeled correctly.
  • Appliances are unhooked and packed for travel.
  • Prescriptions are up to date and in stock in case of emergencies.
  • Transportation for children, pets, and restricted items.Tying up all of the loose ends now will prove wholly beneficial when the stress of moving day has arrived!

Tying up all of the loose ends now will prove wholly beneficial when the stress of moving day has arrived!

Moving Day

The day has finally arrived! You as the tenant should be fully prepared at this point for the movers to arrive. When they do, stay on site to ensure that everything is loaded and be ready to sign the inventory list. You will also have paperwork to fill out, including a bill of lading for your goods, as well as a form that declares any items that are extremely high in value. Once everything is taken care of, do a final walkthrough of the home to ensure that everything is turned off and that all doors and windows are locked accordingly. Now it’s time to take the trip to your new home!

Moving can be stressful but Abe Lincoln Movers is here to ease the trauma. Our professional movers are here to offer quality services to get your possessions to the next stage of your journey in a safe, efficient manner. As Colorado’s specialty moving experts, we’re skilled in a variety of moving services. If it’s time for you to relocate, feel free to contact us today for a free quote!