Moving Checklists To Make Your Residential Move Easy Part 2

The process of relocating all of your belongings to an entirely new location can include a lot of planning and packing. From the dishes to the utility bills, everything needs to be taken care of in proper order to ensure that all tasks are done on time. Often times, special help will be needed for unique items. We are Colorado’s specialty moving experts, and we can provide the best solutions for your life. If you’re in need of a local moving company for your residential or commercial needs, Abe Lincoln Movers can help! We are your go-to Denver movers, helping Coloradans relocate across the entire Front Range. While our professional movers are here to help simplify your moving operation every step of the way, we understand many people’s need to get the job done themselves. Our last blog looked at a standard moving checklist and the timeframes for getting the major tasks done. Today, we’ll continue this journey by discussing when you should be packing and how our local movers can help.

Four Weeks Left

We are the month mark! At this point, steps should be taken in a logistical sense to ensure that everything is taken care of once your Denver movers arrive. A change of address form should be filled out for your post office with the anticipated move-in date to keep your mail arriving in an orderly fashion. The same can be said for utilities and any related house services, including your:

  • Cable provider
  • Trash company
  • Auto insurance
  • Gas and electric providers
  • TV services

Arranging transportation for your children and pets will also help to minimize the chaos of moving day. Whether in a designated vehicle or left with a friend or relative, it’s important to find secure travel. At this stage, it would be advisable to start packing if you have not already done so. Purchasing or finding quality moving boxes can make your life much easier, so Abe Lincoln Movers recommends investing in quality boxes for moving. While working on one room at a time can help residents to focus on each task without becoming overwhelmed, oftentimes people will start by boxing up their least important items. This can be useful for making a lot of progress on your move without inhibiting your daily routines. Remember to keep track of every room and list the contents of each box!

There are many tasks that can be proactively taken care of before the time comes to move. Hiring a professional moving company can help you in more ways than simply transporting heavy items to a new location. Our experts are here to offer quality solutions to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible. Contact us to learn more about our top-notch moving services!

Moving can be a crazy time for many Coloradoans. Taking the time to complete your move in stages will be very beneficial for all parties involved. Next time, we’ll look at the final stages of the move and how you can work to keep everything running smoothly. As Colorado’s specialty moving experts, Abe Lincoln Movers is here to help! Our Denver movers can help to quickly and safely transport your goods across this great state. Start here today to receive your free quote!