When you opt to invest in a storage unit, it can be tempting to toss everything in there until you absolutely need it. That might be the most convenient way to store your items at that moment, but when the time does come that you need an item from your storage unit, we guarantee you’ll be kicking yourself and wishing that it was more organized. That’s why you should keep it organized from the get-go — your future self will definitely be thankful!

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over a few tips to keeping your storage unit organized. If you’re looking for a reliable place for your storage in Denver, choose Abe Lincoln Movers and Storage. Our team is honest, dependable and hardworking, and you can trust us to keep your belongings safe and secure. Contact us today for more information regarding size, security, features or costs for our storage units.

Continue reading below for our professional movers’ tips on keeping your storage unit organized so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Need some packing tips? Check out our recent blog post.

Come Up With A Game Plan

First things first: Come up with a game plan of where you want to store specific items in your storage unit. Scope out your unit before putting anything in it, and determine where you think everything should be based on its size, usage, etc.

We suggest making a list of all the items you plan to place in storage and to hang this list near the door. You don’t want to forget about the items you have in storage and accidentally end up purchasing the same exact thing in the future.

Leave enough room in the middle of your unit so you can easily grab what you need whenever you need it. We also suggest grouping similar items together — for example, kitchen items in one corner, bathroom items in another, and so on.

Break Down Your Larger Items

To get the most out of your storage unit, we suggest breaking down the larger items that you want to store. Not only will this make your move more efficient, but you’ll also be able to squeeze more of your belongings into your storage unit and make locating items in your storage unit more efficient.

Some larger items may include dining tables, chairs, couches, bed frames, etc. Place these items against the walls of your storage unit as a safety precaution.

Pro tip: If you opt not to break down your tables, use them as additional shelving for your other storage unit items.

Label Everything

If you store everything in cardboard boxes without any labeling, do you think you’ll remember exactly what’s in the box when you need it? Chances are, you’ll have to tear apart the boxes in your storage unit to find the item you need later down the road.

Make it a habit to label every box with the items that are in it — and make those labels big and bold. This only takes a few additional seconds to do, and it can save you hours of looking for a specific item in the future.

Place Your Most Used Items Towards The Front

Another good practice for keeping your storage unit organized is to place the items you know you’ll need the most towards the front — for example, your out-of-season clothes or seasonal decorations. That means that when you do inevitably need these items, the trip to your storage unit will be short and sweet.

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