Going Back To College? Follow Our Moving Company’s Tips Part 1

Summer has flown by, and now students all across Colorado are preparing to head back to college. Whether you’re attending classes in Denver, Golden, Boulder, or even Fort Collins, the professional movers at Abe Lincoln Movers are here and ready to help! Our residential moving company in Denver excels in providing safe, efficient outcomes for homes of all sizes. Our trusted local moving company has helped students for years get settled in for an upcoming year of education. We have the training and equipment to provide the best moving services for young scholars.

As the summer comes to a close, many college students are planning their move back to campus. Today, we’ll look at a few quick tips to help students make the best of their move. If you’re looking for the best moving companies along the Front Range, be sure to call our honest representatives today!

Step 1 – Organize for Success

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” – Anonymous.

Before you begin packing boxes and shoving clothes into backpacks, it’s important to start from a clear, organized perspective. Students who start their journey by organizing and planning will see much better results in the future. Many students have the dilemma of what to bring; too few possessions will leave you needing more just to live, while too many items in your dorm room can lead to other problems. Keep in mind that most spaces for students are not luxurious in space. Pack only what you need, and be sure to double-check your organization before moving on.

Step 2 – Pack Responsibly

We’ve all been excited to move out of the house and into the adult world, but this does not mean that you should skimp on safely packing your possessions. Fragile items should be covered in tissues, towels, grocery bags, or any other fabrics to prevent damages. Electronics should also be packed correctly, as a failure to do so in the Colorado heat can result in costly consequences!

Step 3 – Inspect Your Place

The space that you are moving into may vary widely from your expectations. Traditional dorm rooms across Colorado feature small spaces that do not leave much in terms of luxury. Braiden Hall at Colorado State University, for example, boasts spacious living in a room that just under 200 square feet. It pays to do a tour of residence (if possible) before making the move. From dorms to off-campus living, this can also help you to pack more efficiently.

Property inspections will let you know the basics, such as whether or not you have an air conditioner, enough storage space, and so on. Students moving into private residences should also inspect the property and note damages left by the previous tenants.

Step 4 – Set Up Your Pad

Regardless of the structure you are moving into, it is vital to call ahead and set up all of your utilities first. Even college dormitories require action for phone, cable, and food services. Renters need to place utilities in their name, typically including gas and electric. While this step seems rather low-intensity compared to others, remember that you will not be happy if you do not call ahead!

Step 5 – Avoid the Rush

Moving day can prove to be chaotic for students and parents alike. With thousands of people piling into dorm rooms, you find yourself surrounded in a sea of discouragement. Be sure to call your school to learn about move-in dates, and be sure to plan on a less-intense time period of possible. Students moving into homes nearby will face the same traffic, so plan ahead when picking your moving day.

The new school year is about to begin, and students everywhere are making the migration in quest of their academic accreditation. If you are planning on heading back to school and need peace of mind getting there, the professionals at Abe Lincoln Movers is here and happy to help! Our trained team is here and available for residential moving in Denver and across Colorado. Investing in home movers when moving into a dorm may sound excessive, but our residential specialists can scale our services to match your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services!