Your home moving project will be a large and complex task. The list of things to do can be extensive, where one mistake can result in huge ramifications. Many times, people will forget a small task or will simply procrastinate their moving duties. It is often beneficial to turn to your local moving company for assistance. Abe Lincoln Movers is proud to provide comprehensive services for residential moving across Denver and the Front Range. Our Colorado moving company strives to raise the standard for how moving services should be done. With an insured, professional team and a proven system, Abe Lincoln Movers is ready to help get you home.

Today, we’ll discuss a few more common mistakes that people make when moving homes. When done, be sure to take the suggestions to heart the next time you’re packing up or be sure to contact our professional movers for a quote!

Forgetting to take Measurements

Part of the planning process should include taking measurements at your new and old residences. Furniture is often larger than we remember, and getting that awkward recliner through the front door may present a challenge. Doorway sizes may change, as well as stairs and landings. Planning your move will help to visualize this intense process as well.

Hiring a professional moving company can prove useful in limiting much of the stress and sweat involved with large items. Beyond our control, though, is the limitations placed on your furniture by the new abode. Measuring your space before the moving truck arrives is a big step in avoiding three-dimensional headaches later.

Packing Prohibited Items

Your local moving company will be more than happy to move a majority of your possessions in a safe and efficient manner, but some items simply cannot be moved. In many cases, firearms, high valuables, and hazardous substances will not accepted. This is done for both the safety of our residential movers as well as the safety of your property. Be sure to discuss exactly what is or isn’t allowed on the truck and make arrangements accordingly. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a box of chemicals and batteries with nowhere to put them!

Forgetting the Essentials

The day of your move will no-doubt be hectic. Our home movers will be happy to minimize the stress of the process, but it will fall on you to prepare your survival kit for the first 24 hours. Everything from soap to deodorant to even cash for takeout food will help to make the transition as smooth as possible. Inhalers, medication, and your kid’s needed nightlight are all part of the daily process, and avoiding disruptions will only lead to a smoother move and more high fives once all is said and done.

Keeping a solid plan in place and following through with it should prove to be a major boost to your life during this chaotic event. In any case, our home movers are available to help with every phase of the process to optimize your experience. Abe Lincoln Movers is proud to offer our Top Rated Local® residential moving to Denver residents and beyond. Contact us today to see how we can help you!