At Abe Lincoln Movers, we provide more than just residential, commercial and moving services — we also provide storage rental spaces in Denver. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options, and our facility is closely monitored and secured by our trusted team members. Whether you need a place to store your belongings or want us to store items for you while you move, we can handle your storage services with efficiency and professionalism. Our versatility and adaptability are why we are Denver’s Top Rated Local® Moving Service Company.

In this blog, you’ll find educational information regarding our storage services in Denver. Contact us today for more information.

  1. A Guide To Storing Your Furniture

    When it comes to storing furniture in a storage unit, there is a proper and efficient way of doing so to preserve the integrity of your furniture pieces. There are also many benefits of storing some furniture that’s taking too much space in your ho…Read More

  2. How To Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

    When you opt to invest in a storage unit, it can be tempting to toss everything in there until you absolutely need it. That might be the most convenient way to store your items at that moment, but when the time does come that you need an item from yo…Read More

  3. The Benefits Of Using A Storage Rental With Your Go-To Denver Movers Part 2

    Life happens, and it can sometimes result in extra baggage and possessions. When your lifestyle is requiring a little extra space, it can pay to work with a quality storage company in Colorado for all of your needs. Abe Lincoln Movers and Storage is …Read More

  4. The Benefits Of Using A Storage Rental With Your Go-To Denver Movers Part 1

    As the summer season hits full stride, many Coloradans are out soaking up the sunshine, finally starting that long road trip, renovating the kitchen, or moving back for the start of the fall semester. No matter what your summer plans are, it’s impo…Read More

  5. Common Reasons To Use Our Denver Storage Facility

    When it comes time to move, many citizens are alarmed by the amount of property that they have gathered. Over time, we all collect stuff of all shapes and varieties that can make moving a headache. When this happens, many people turn to a storage ren…Read More

  6. More People Using Storage Services During Their Move

    Moving and storage go hand-in-hand! Moving is seldom a straightforward business, and sometimes you need space to store your items until you can get your housing situation settled. That's especially true when you are moving long distances or had to mo…Read More